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Brand Identity Design

Whether you need a new logo, an upgrade of your current Identity, or a complete redesign, we help you to get a unique, memorable, and timeless Brand Identity Design that evokes emotion.


Great Branding

To your customers, your brand should have a guarantee of quality, consistency, and reliability. Your brand identity should be formed to reflect the core values your company or organization holds close.

Strong memorable design with individuality and character conveys your message to the right people with clarity and flare. Whatever size your company is, the impact of a strong brand is universal.

Working with DeployDigital

Brand Identity Design

Brand Understanding

Before crafting your new Brand Identity, we start by understanding you and your business. Your combination of logo, typography, and colors must reflect who you are and how best to present your company to the world.

Identity Design

When we understand your company to the fullest, we establish a game plan. What overall emotion, mood, and impression does your brand need to convey. You’ll be rewarded with a Brand Identity Design to help you grow your company.

Style Guide

We ensure a consistent Brand Identity Design by providing a style guide to help you create all of your brand’s marketing tools and media. All the elements are brought together to deliver the right message.


What we can do for you

Logo only

If you’re only looking for a logo to start, let us help you make one that is unique, memorable, and timeless, one you can use throughout the years and to build upon in the future. Based on your needs, we’ll explore and deliver a high-quality logo in all formats.

Identity upgrade

Are you looking to grow your company? Do you already have a logo, but it isn’t reflecting your company and its goals, anymore? Then it might be time for a Brand Identity upgrade. Together, we’ll determine what you need and create a plan of action.

Best of the best

Take this plan if you want the best. A Brand Identity Design that communicates in even the smallest details of your company from A to Z. We’ll deliver a brand. Think about logo, flyers, pencils, invoice, banners, event presentation, stickers, mugs, and much more.

What to expect

Endless possibilities

Logo Design

Your Brand Identity Design starts with a high-quality logo design that is unique and memorable, beautiful in even the smallest details.


Color is one of the most important elements of your Brand Identity. Picking the right colors isn’t about making it fancy; it’s about the psychology behind it.

Package Design

To make a lasting impression, you have to create a good first impression, and the design on your package may be one of the most important elements of your product to get it noticed.

Motion Design

Have a storefront or display at your company reception? Welcome visitors with a moving visual that strengthens your identity.


Another important part of your Brand Identity is photography. Your photos must be in line with the overall look-and-feel.

Press kit

Think of your press kit as your company’s resume. An effective press kit covers your Brand Identity in all pieces.


Illustrations can be a powerful option to clarify or explain certain elements of your company.


Icons are the visual expression of your brand’s products, services, or tools. Icons are available in any sorts, forms, and colors; we find and create the best.

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