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&WOLF is a new business in the market of affordable art. To start up their business they were searching for the complete package: Brand Identity, Webshop, Blog, Giftcards, Stationery and so on.

Branding Webdesign Wordpress Website

A luxury brand

Our primary goal was to create not just a WordPress Webshop but a brand with an accessible sense of luxury. The WordPress Webshop had to be easy to use and fully responsive on every device: desktop, mobile and tablet, in order to create an easy couch-hanging art search.

Design is not just the website. For a reliable image, it's important to be consistent in every brand expression.

A separate blog fitted to the webshop

After a while we’ve gotten the request to do the webdesign and development for the &WOLF blog. Our goal was to make it fit within the WordPress webshop, but still make it clear that it’s a different section of the website. That’s why we here chose for the opposite color of black: white.


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