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Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization is a lucrative way to get more out of your website. Deploy Digitaal specializes in website optimization, decreasing the costs per conversion and increasing the turnover per user. We love optimizing for growth and conversion while expanding your business. Interested? Just give is a call.

Why Conversion Optimization

Why you should optimize for conversion

conversion costs

The more users convert, the lower the cost per conversion. By continuously optimising your website, it becomes cheaper and cheaper to attract new customers and you will achieve a higher margin on your products and services.

Increase turnover
per user

Increasing the turnover per user is another method of getting more out of your website. If a user buys not one but two products on your website, your turnover will quickly increase by more than 100%.

Turn more visitors into customers

By continuously altering your web design based on successful experiments, we ensure that your website converts better and better. More users convert from visitor to customer, which increases the total turnover.

Optimization according to 7 basic principles

There are 7 basic principles for making an optimal converting website. We use these principles for conversion optimization and use this method to provide an optimal user experience.

    • Attention

      In any web design, it is important that attention goes to the right elements. We use various optimization techniques that ensure a visitor sees what he needs to see increasing the chance that he converts. Simple changes can make a huge difference in the customer experience.


    • Context

      Making sure a visitor is reassured that he is on the right website has everything to do with the context of your website. The experience on a landing page should match your (external) campaigns. When everything is in line, there is a greater chance that he will convert.


    • Clarity

      Clear copy ensures higher conversion. If the text on your website is short, powerful and clear, visitors will sooner understand what is expected of them. Clearly presenting your value proposition is a very effective way of quickly engaging people with your brand.


    • Uniformity

      Uniformity on your website has everything to do with focus. From the title to your page headers and from your copy to your links. Everything is connected with each other and must be in line with one another. Remove all distractions and your design directs visitor to the right point on the website.


    • Credibility

      What contributes to more trust among your audience? Reviews, ratings, social shares, number of sales are all elements that can increase the credibility of your product or service. By displaying these on your website the right way, you convince people faster, which leads to higher conversion.


    • Conversion Moment

      Perfection in design is achieved, not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. Which elements or text will prevent someone from converting? Remove or modify these elements in such a way that there is no longer any doubt.


    • Continuity

      An important moment that is often overlooked is what happens after a user has converted? Especially after this event, it is easy to improve the customer experience. Remember that this is the first moment of a long lasting relationship.

Website optimalisatie

Website Optimization

In addition to speed, on-page elements also play an important role in conversion optimization. If these elements do not fit in with the search behavior of your potential customer, chances are that it leaves your website sooner than necessary or does not even land on the page at all. The following elements are the most important:

Testing & Optimizing

Does your website have an exceptionally beautiful design, is it fast as the wind and are all on page elements optimized? Then it’s time to start testing and optimizing. We use a classic method for this, in which we draw up a simple hypothesis, test it by means of an A/B test, then report and take action if required. Simple and effective.

Formulating hypotheses

A successful A/B test starts with formulating a clear hypothesis. This must be clearly linked to an identifiable problem or a concrete challenge. The hypothesis offers a solution to this problem and specifies what the result is linked to the measurable KPI.

A/B Testing

Once a clear hypothesis has been made, the test can begin. With Google optimizer you have results within a month (depending on the number of visitors) and an answer to the question whether A or B works better. Continuous testing and adjustment ensures higher conversion and more revenue.


After each test, a report is drawn up which clearly shows the results of the A/B test. Actions are then linked to the test and a new test is ready to start in order to ensure continuity of progress and improvement.

Tools we use

These tools help you grow

Google Optimizer

A/B testing has never been easier. With Google Optimizer you can quickly set up a hypothesis and in combination with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics you can immediately start testing new ideas. Within a month, you will know whether the change you had in mind are proved to be effective.


This popular tool makes it possible to find out what users do on your website. By means of heat maps, scroll maps, click maps, user recordings, polls and conversion funnels you quickly get a good picture of how people use your website and where there is room for improvement.


OptinMonster is an effective tool for leaving users an e-mail address. When a user threatens to leave the website during a session, OptinMonster displays a targeted popup. By using this tool the number of e-mail registrations increases significantly.

Pagespeed Insights

Speed is an important part of conversion optimization. The faster a website is, the less quickly users drop off. With the Google Pagespeed Insights you know exactly where you stand in a short time. Optimisation based on these insights can lead to a higher ranking in search engines.

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