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We are DeployDigital! The web agency from Sydney that goes further than just creating a website. Our UX´ers, designers and online marketing experts realize online growth at ambitious companies. Want to know more? Contact us!

We make 100% custom websites!

What we are good at is creating a visually attractive web design and then transforming it into a well-functioning website. Our designs are always 100% custom made so that your brand identity is guaranteed. In addition, we ensure that the website is easy to manage and your potential customer gets an optimal online experience. This includes a responsive web design so that

the experience on both desktop and mobile is smooth and fast. We believe that a website is more than just a nice picture. We therefore help entrepreneurs who focus on the business market to set up and develop an online marketing plan. This way we can fully support companies and entrepreneurs in their digital ambitions.

VLCI / Webdesign
ERP Fast Forward / Webdesign
Jean Mineur / New homepage style
Helder Werk / App design
Jean Mineur / New homepage style
Helder Werk / Design for reservations
VLCI / Webdesign
Solventa / Logo design

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What we can do for you as a web agency

The minimum

How your brand is experienced by someone else is of great importance. Once in a while your brand needs an upgrade. We ensure that your brand experience is brought back to current standards with an unforgettable result.

Web design

Our specialism! Transforming an impressive web design into an even more beautiful website is what our webdeveloper prefers to do. Together with you we make wireframes, our designer makes it all beautiful and our developers show their magic.


Let us fully execute your digital ambitions. We develop an online marketing strategy and execute it from brand identity to social media post entirely for you. Everything you need is under one roof.

Our Custom Website Realization Plan

Creating a website that is completely adapted to your wishes is always more work than you think. On average it takes us about 80 hours to create it. We do this in different stages so you can keep track of how the status of progress is.

    • Kickoff workshop

      Once you have chosen us as your web agency, we always start with an inspiring workshop. During this meeting you and your colleagues will be asked what the purpose of the website is. Who are your customers and in what way are they sent to a specific page or purchase within the website. Based on these insights it becomes clear to us what the website should look like in general.

      Having a website made is a process in which our designers, developers, project manager and you as the client work together. We initially ensure that it is clear what is expected of whom. If this goes well, a beautiful website is quickly delivered.


Wire frames

The initial workshop gives our UX-designer enough input for making a first line sketch or wireframe of the website. This is a bare picture of what the website will look like in general. These wireframes will be presented to you as client after which a round of feedback is possible. Once the frame has been approved, it will be used by the graphic designer for the next phase.

Web design

If next to the wireframes also all parts of the functioning of the website are known then the design of the website can start. The pages that were made in the previous phase are colored in and get pictures. The website is now starting to come to life.

Again there is room for feedback in this phase. Based on the feedback a final design will be made which will be transformed into code.


There is no way back from this point. Your new website will be completely converted to digital code in the development phase. In this period you usually hear less of us. Development is working hard to put it all together. The first version of the website will be installed on a test environment. In this environment we can test all functionalities and workflow extensively.

Then the last details are filled in. During this period it is also possible for you to see the website and place content.

Delivery time

There he is! Your website is ready to go on the global web. The content is in it and we have checked the last points. From now on you are the proud owner of a website that is 100% custom made by web agency DeployDigital. Our online marketing experts will be happy to help you make more than just a nice picture of your website.

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Other stuff you need to know

Turnaround time

Making a normal website takes us an average of about 10 weeks. This depends entirely on the planning and the speed with which feedback is given. The faster we generally receive feedback, the faster the website is ready.


If you host your website with us, you can assume that it is on a secure SSL connection. In addition, the personal data of your customers is kept safe and spam is combated as much as possible with ReCaptcha. It is also important that the WordPress core and plugins are updated regularly. This service can also be purchased from us.


With every second it takes longer to load a website, the conversion rate drops. It is therefore important that you have a fast website. To guarantee an optimal speed, we work together with the market leader in WordPress hosting WPEngine. The condition for a lightning fast website is that you let us take care of the hosting of your website.


On average it takes between 10 and 12 weeks to build a website. This strongly depends on the number and difficulty of the special features you want to have. In order to keep the lead time as short as possible, it is important that both parties keep to the planning


Content in the form of text, images, animations, videos and photographs must be provided. If we are used to it, we can help compose or design the content. This is always included as an option in the quotation and is strongly dependent on the assignment.


Inadequacies are unfortunately unavoidable. After delivery there is therefore a maximum period of 2 months in which so-called bugs are resolved without additional costs. All imperfections reported after this period will be considered as extra work.


If there is a strong desire to get support in changing the website after live-gang or to make changes on a continuous basis, this can be done by means of a service level agreement. Monthly you buy hours that can be used for all services of DeployDigital.

What other expertise do we have?

Brand identity

Do you want to stand out with a complete story in which all elements of the brand experience fit together? Let us create your brand identity. We upgrade your brand and its experience to a higher level.

Designing your corporate identity

Would you like to upgrade your brand’s house style? Then you’ve come to the right place. We take a fresh look at what you do and provide a suitable professional house style in which all elements are correct.

Online marketing

A website should be more than just a nice picture. It is (usually) meant to generate leads, buy products or inform people. Our online marketing experts will be happy to help you achieve your goals.

Conversion Optimization

There is always room for improvement. By means of conversion optimization, opportunities can be exposed that increase the conversion rate. Simple adjustments to a website often have a big effect.

Web development

Are you looking for a party that can do more than just develop a website? DeployDigital likes to think along with you about complex issues such as APIs, dashboarding, plugin development and e-commerce challenges.

Hire a Web Agency?

8 Reasons to hire DeployDigital

We are entrepreneurs

Everyone who works at DeployDigital has an enterprising spirit. We like to think along in how things can be realised as efficiently as possible while maintaining quality and for a fair fee.

We deliver quality

Nothing goes out the door without a quality check. In every phase of the web design process we check whether it meets the high standards you would expect from a professional web agency.

Everything is 100% custom made

We never use templates. Our designs are 100% custom made and are completely made by our experts, from wireframe to final web design. This means that you always have something unique in your hands that suits your company.

We are craftsmen

Each of our experts understands his or her trade. From web developer to designer and from online marketer to project manager, everyone has several years of experience and can independently pick up and complete projects.

We are B2B specialist

We prefer to help companies with ambition that focus on the business to business market. It doesn’t matter whether you are a start-up or a corporate as long as there is a product market fit.

We like to share knowledge

On our website you can find a lot of information about the different disciplines we master. If you need a personal approach, ask for the workshops we give.

We are data driven

To achieve online growth, we base everything we do, preferably on the data the web gives us. Optimisation is not based on feeling but on a proven data driven method.

We have an awesome team

Last but not least, we have a really great team. Nice, enthusiastic young people who all have the ambition to get the best out of themselves.

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