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Are you looking for a new web design for your website? DeployDigital is the web design agency in Sydney that cares about your visual presence on the web. We help large and small companies to get more out of their website by using a clear functional design.

How we work

How we work

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After an initial introduction, it is important that you get to know us. We cordially invite you and your team to our office in Sydney to get to know each other while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Here it will become clear if we fit together and if your wishes and expectations are in line with what we can deliver.

First Meeting

When it is clear that we like eachother and that we can live up to all expectations, it is time to enter the second part of the web design process. We would like to invite ourselves to your office to get more clarity about what you are doing and to taste the atmosphere at your workplace.


After a second interview, we will make you a proposal. If we agree, we start with the web design plan of approach and work together towards a new web design.

Web design plan of approach

After we have received an approved proposal, we will get to work. A final plan is drawn up in which the following phases are described. For each phase and in each week, it then becomes clear who is responsible for what.

    • Kick-off workshop

      First we will make an appointment for the kick-off workshop. During this workshop the goals and structure of the new website will be looked at in more detail. The workshop will be used to develop the wire frames, where we will focus on putting all necessary information in the right structure. This makes clear where the Call-to-Actions need to bet, where and how much text we should use and how the visitor will navigate through the website: we determine the framework of the website.

      After this phase we will start with the design and programming of the website. As a client, you will be guided through the entire process by one of our project managers. We make sure that it is clear what is expected of you at what stage and what you can expect from us.


Phase 1 / Wire frames

In this phase, we continue to orientate ourselves towards the project. What is the framework, what are the wishes, who is the target group and what is the ultimate goal of the website and the different pages? We process the answers to these questions in the Wireframes. These are then used in the development of the design.

Phase 2 / Design

As soon as the functional document has been completed, work can be done on the design of the website. A complete design is made for the most important pages.

These designs will then be presented to you. In most cases, there will be a number of iterations done on the draft. Once the design has been finally approved by you, we will further develop the website.

Phase 3 / Development

Based on Phases 1 and 2, we will start to actually development the website. Our development team will work on different parts of the website during defined periods.

The first version of the website will be installed on a staging environment. In this environment we can test all functionalities and workflow in detail. We do this on the basis of a checklist, which has been drawn up in cooperation with an external test consultancy firm.

Phase 4 / Go-live website

At the beginning of this phase we will check the website for functionality, speed and reliability. After this you will have the opportunity to test the website and give us your feedback. After we have processed the feedback we have discussed, the website will be put live. Google Analytics is installed, set up and activated as a standard.

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What else do you need to know?

What else do you need to know?

Speed website and develop street

Speed is very important for us and the website visitors. A slow website will cause irritation to users. To ensure optimal speed, we work closely with the market leader in the field of WordPress hosting. Good to know is that the speed and development street are only guaranteed if the hosting of the website is also provided by us.


A secure website is very important nowadays. After all, you do not want personal data to be out on the street. We make sure that the WordPress core is always automatically updated to the latest version to ensure that any security holes are immediately closed.

The systems on which our websites operate are monitored by highly recommended agencies such as SecTheory and Sucuri. They shall also ensure that an external penetration test is carried out at least once a year.


The average lead time of the new website is 10 weeks. After agreement, we draw up a schedule with deadlines for both parties. It is crucial for the lead time that these deadlines are treated as such by both parties.


We work with a deposit of 50%. The remaining 50% after completion of our work (development completed and feedback processed).


After completion there is a period of up to 2 months during which imperfections in the website will be remedied at no extra cost. Additional adjustments and support for the website can be purchased with our “strippenkaart”. This will take a number of hours per month (at special rates) that can be spent freely.


The content in the form of images and photos must be supplied. If this is not possible, we can provide them at an extra cost. is recorded as an optional item.
Testing and correction of deficiencies

All imperfections that are reported in a period of maximum 2 months after delivery (the moment the website is actively put on the domain) we will remedy without extra costs. Any imperfections reported after this period will be considered as additional work.

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